Running Programs for Teens

Endurance, speed, strength and a group training environment that is friendly, inclusive and challenging. Our focus is on continued development of the athletic qualities that define fitness, while ensuring that all participants are well-prepared for the sports and events, they are involved in. Specific training groups, including strength classes, are offered at times and venues to suit.


Junior Development Squad

Our Junior Development Squad is a training environment for 12 – 15 year olds. We focus on improving run skills, movement capacity and strength.

Senior Development Squad

Our Senior Development Squad provides a group training environment for 14–18 year old (year 8 to year 12) students, who are looking to improve their running and compete in local (club/ school) state and national competitions.

Teen Strength

Balance. Coordination. Agility. Strength. These are the foundation for all sports training and performance. Our Teen strength sessions focus on these elements.

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