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Our strength training philosophy is to build a strong foundation to be injury free and ready to play, train and compete. We focus on mobility, stability, agility, balance and coordination alongside improving strength, speed and power.

Expert Strength and Conditioning For Your Golf Game

At Runready we provide strength and conditioning training for all types of sports, including golfers at various levels. To take your golf game to the next level, you have to put in the effort, but you also need to take a measured approach, an approach mapped out by experts. Some areas you can expect to see improvement are:

  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Injury Prevention
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Fitness

Strength in Golf

Our Strength And Conditioning Philosophy

Our strength training philosophy is to build a strong foundation to be
injury free and ready to play, train and compete. We focus on mobility,
stability, agility, balance and coordination alongside improving strength,
speed and power.
Our teen strength program focuses on building a strong and robust body
with age appropriate exercise prescription. Balance, coordination and
sound landing competencies are key focuses of this program
We aim to educate our clients on the importance of regular and
consistent strength training, and what a good strength training session
looks like.
We have the expertise to prescribe for the individual and their goals and

Train With A Qualified Strength And Conditioning Trainer


All staff have been qualified through ASCA (Australian Strength & Conditioning Association)

Our Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Nick Bowden

Nick Bowden

Exercise Science Graduate Degree, Level 2 ASCA, Level 4 IAAF Athletics Coach

Jo Bowden strength and conditioning coach melbourne

Jo Bowden

Exercise Science Graduate Degree, Level 1 ASCA, Level 2 Aths Coach with Athletics Australia

Run Ready coach -.Luke Hall

Luke Hall

Exercise Science Graduate Degree, Level 2 ASCA, currently completing a Masters of High Performance

Run Ready coach - Aiden Harvey

Aiden Harvey

ASCA Level 1, currently completing Exercise Science degree

Golf Strength Programs

Golf is a sport played in a large open space wherein a golf ball is hit with a club into a sequence of small holes in the ground, with the goal of completing the course in the fewest number of strokes possible. Because the goal is to hit the ball with the least strokes, achieving the perfect swing is the most important skill in the game. Golfers need to be in perfect shape and undergo skill-specific training to perform well on the golf course. Listed below are the most important qualities that a golfer must have: 

  • Core Control and Hip Mobility
  • Lower Body Strength and Power
  • Upper Back Mobility
  • Pelvic Tilt and Excellent Hip Hinge

Run Ready Melbourne creates tailor-fit golf strength and training programs for amateur and professional golfers so that you can level-up your game! 

Strength and Rehabilitation Programs for Golfers

Each of our strength and conditioning programs are custom-fit for each golfer. We take into account factors such as age, with specific teen programs, experience, uptake, technique, ability and natural talents. No program is equally the same because we want to create a program that matches the golfer’s athletic abilities and design a fitness regimen that will touch up on skills that need improvement. Run Ready is dedicated to push and mold golfers in Melbourne to the best of their abilities, making them more disciplined, persevering, and better in all aspects of the sport. 

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Benefits of Strength and Conditioning in Golf

Disease Prevention

We all know that exercise promotes circulation and strengthens the heart, which increases blood flow that raises your body’s oxygen levels. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, depression, osteoporosis, lung deficiencies, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are among the diseases and chronic conditions that may benefit from strength training.

Improved Motor Control and Mobility

Higher levels of motor control make it much easier to follow your swing instructor’s suggestions on the range, allowing for more technical adjustment. Increases in physical traits such as speed, power, and strength always improve more faster when an athlete knows and owns their activity.

Increased Athleticism, Strength and Endurance

Our S and C programs increase coordination, agility, athleticism, strength and endurance. 

Prevent Injury and Easier Rehabilitation

Strength training entails smooth motions that produce excellent body alignment, lowering your injury risk dramatically while helping your body rehabilitate properly. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even bones gain strength as a result of strength training. When moving or under impact, stronger muscles and tendons help keep the body in appropriate alignment and protect the bones and joints.  

About Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists assess, organise, and administer exercise programmes for chronic illnesses and injuries such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, cancer, and arthritis, as well as helping in the restoration of maximum physical function, health, and wellbeing.

Exercise physiology is the study of the body’s responses to physical effort. These reactions include changes in metabolism and physiology in many regions of the body, such as the heart, lungs, and muscles, as well as structural alterations in cells.

About Exercise Science

The beginnings of sports science may be traced back to ancient Greece. Galen, a well-known ancient Greek physician, published 87 extensive writings on how to improve one’s health (correct diet), cardiovascular fitness, and physical strength. Sport science is the application of scientific knowledge to sports activity. Sport science aims to assist athletes improve their performance and endurance while reducing the risk of injury in preparation for events and contests.

It’s used to assist identify strengths and limitations so that a training programme may be tailored to each individual, from athletes to the elderly and everyone in between.

Athletes are kept up to speed on latest training regimens, testing, and preparation by sports scientists.

Fitness For Golf Melbourne

Yes, golfers need strength and conditioning training to perform their best during tournaments. For many sports, including golf, strength is the foundation for preliminary athletic progress. Strength is a raw resource, and its application manifests itself in a variety of force expressions as the velocity curve progresses. Club head speed (CHS) and yardage are both dependent on the strength of swings. 

You can develop higher driving power and safely absorb swing stresses by following a simple program of stretching and strengthening exercises. By practicing proper swing mechanics under the supervision of a professional golf instructor, you can improve your swing and reduce your risk of injury. You can also improve your swing and reduce your risk of injury by performing appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises that result in a flexible and strong musculoskeletal system. As your fitness improves, you'll be able to create more power with less effort, resulting in a smoother swing and faster club head speed. You'll gain greater force without having to force the action, which is crucial for lengthy and regular drives. Run Ready strength and conditioning coaches are ready to whip up Melbourne golfers into tip-top shape any time!

The strength and conditioning coaches at Run Ready in Melbourne prioritise several areas for golfers:

  • Improve the ability to accelerate and decelarate force and speed during swings. 
  • Be able to do powerful swings in a controlled manner
  • Improve balance and  joint stability
  • Reduce and prevent any risk to injury and ease rehabilitation

Strength and conditioning training is highly beneficial for golfers, amateur or professionals alike.  Motor skills, stability and balance, flexibility, strength of swing, and mobility are just some of the skills that can be further developed through Run Ready's strength and conditioning training program. These training programs will last 3 to 4 weeks on average. This is an important step since it prepares athletes for the strength work that will follow later in the training program.