Strength and Conditioning Coach Glen Iris

Our strength and conditioning coaches are ASCA qualified, providing custom strength and conditioning programs for men, women, teens, sports specific programs, athletes, groups and people of all ages.

Run Ready offers running instruction, strength and conditioning training, high-performance training, and personal training. We are fitness and high performance experts with trained trainers ready to design a fitness programme for you right now.
We offer everything you need to elevate your game, fitness, and health to the next level, with expertise, knowledge, and top-notch facilities.
You may anticipate the following results from one of our strength and conditioning programmes:

  • Enhancement of your health
  • Get you back on track following an injury
  • Develop crucial athletic traits for success
  • Helps protect Muscle Mass and Bone Health
  • Develop Better Body Mechanics

Why Run Ready?

Running Coach For All Ages

Aussie Aths has been developed by expert coaches. Running, jumping and throwing – the critical skills that form the foundation of all land based sports, are taught through games, drills, skill sessions and age appropriate training.

Endurance, speed, strength and a training environment that is friendly, inclusive and challenging. Our focus is on continued development of athletic qualities.

You will experience the benefits of a great group training with expert coaching. Our run groups and strength training sessions create and maintain robust, athletic bodies for training and an active lifestyle.


Strength Coach Glen Iris

For Glen Iris residents, Run Ready is only a phone call away. We have been Glen Iris residents’ fitness coaches for many years, providing customised fitness programmes, women’s strength and conditioning, strength and conditioning training for groups, personal training, individual fitness programmes, high performance coaching, run coaching, teens strength coaching, performance training for athletes, and more.

What can you expect to gain from our Glen Iris fitness and training programmes?

  • Strength and power in everyday situations
  • Speed and agility for sports
  • Prevent injury or get back on your feet quickly if you have already been injured.
  • Improve your movement and speed up your running
  • Form, technique, and mechanics should all be improved.
  • Make yourself a better endurance athlete by becoming stronger, quicker, and more agile
  • Ensure that athletes have a strong athletic foundation

About Glen Iris

Glen Iris is a suburban area located 10 kilometres south-east of Melbourne’s central business district. Glen Iris is bordered by Camberwell to the north and Malvern to the west, and it was formerly part of both. With the formation of the combined municipalities of Boroondara and Stonnington, its condition remained unchanged.

Glen Iris is located on both sides of Gardiners Creek. It gets its name from a house erected by a solicitor named J.C. Turner. He had purchased his property from a settler who had arrived in Victoria aboard the Iris.

For its parkland, trails, and bike lanes, Glen Iris in Melbourne’s west is a unique destination.
Glen Iris is a unique Melbourne neighbourhood known for its parklands, walking trails, cycling paths, and good athletic facilities.
It is a magnificent tree-lined neighbourhood surrounded by excellent park areas and bike lanes, creating a nice outdoor community feel. This conveniently located community provides a reasonably peaceful environment for people of all ages. There are several outstanding schools in the suburb and nearby, making it the ideal family environment for families to live here for several decades, seeing their children through kindergarten, primary, secondary, and then into university. Glen Iris features a great mix of vintage residences, mainly 1920s Californian bungalow type homes, as well as postwar homes, contemporary homes, townhouses, flats, and, more recently, apartments.

Glen Iris Location

Our gym is at Brixton Hive, just off High St Rd.Located on the bike path in Glen Iris. Very close (few minutes walk) to Glen Iris station, High St tram, Monash Freeway. Very accessible by public transport, car, walk or ride.