Senior Development Squad (14-18yrs)

Our Senior Development Squad provides a group training environment for 14–18 year old (year 8 to year 12) students, who are looking to improve their running and compete in local (club/ school) state and national competitions. 

We focus on improving running and technical skills, with general (movement capacity and strength) and specific (endurance or sprint) training. 

Athletes in this age group need to manage sometimes challenging, occasionally conflicting loads, when multiple sports between school and external commitments are considered across seasons. Our focus on developing the capacity to train and individual support, create an environment where enjoyment and continuous improvement are prioritised. 

Group sessions focus on sprint (100-400m) or endurance (800m to 3000m & cross country) training. 

Chat with our Head Coach, Nick Bowden on 0407 552 784, or email info@runready for more information.