The Run Ready program is a great foundation for kids leading active lives. Covering the fundamentals of athletic movement, Run Ready teaches the basics that are overlooked in virtually all other kids sports – how to move. This translates across to almost every sport and to everyday life. Whether it is how to accelerate effectively on a hockey pitch or stopping effectively on a netball court, it is a game changer.

We’ve been so impressed with Nick’s ability to teach and inspire our daughter in the fundamentals of run-jump-throw. He has created an environment that is positive and supporting while still challenging that has the kids wanting to learn and improve. In our daughter’s case, the program has been a platform for rapid improvement in court sports and development of a passion for running that may be lifelong.”Matt, Development Squad

The tutelage and mentoring that Nick has provided me over the past 15 years has helped developed me as an athlete and a person. Most notably the ability to look beyond short term success for greater long term achievement. To do this takes courage, persistence, and trust all of which Nick has been able to provide throughout the years.”Kevin, Performance Training
We started Run ready as a way to get our 3 children active after school and loved that not only were they running around in the outdoors rain, hail or shine but they learnt valuable skills in athletics and running and how to get the best out of themselves. Sometimes the cross country cones were met with reluctance but the running was always balanced with team activities and the lovely staff always made it fun and positive with words of encouragement. I would very much recommend this program for children of all ages.”Kate, (Sam 12 Scarlett 10 Julius 8), Run Ready Kids
As a parent of four children, with different social and physical interests, I recognise the importance of an inclusive, progressive, challenging and well-organized sporting program.

Run Ready Kids has helped my son improve his running and coordination, giving him greater confidence and interest in sport and fitness, while encouraging him to reach his goal of representing the school in cross country.”Rebecca, (Sullivan, 11), Run Ready Kids

Due to the encouragement, wise words and support from Nick Bowden I fell in love with running. The training program he wrote for the Melbourne Marathon was sensational and included small notes each week that both motivated and inspired me to give of my best.”Nicolette, Individual Training
I’ve been involved with running groups for over 10 years. I love how you get results quickly. But run groups for me only last about 4-6 weeks before I seem to pick up an injury, and that’s where strength sessions have become a necessary part of my running. I do Run Ready’s Women’s Strength sessions to prevent injury, rather than fix the injury. The sessions really identify any weaker muscle groups, and builds up these areas. I find the small group size Strength sessions far better than physio or remedial massage, because Jo individualises the exercises and corrects technique for each. The Women’s Strength sessions make me stronger.”Liz, Women's Strength
Although I had improved over time with my prior coaches, my performance has improved exponentially since I have been training with Nick. The variety in the training, including speed sessions and long runs have resulted in a PB in the half marathon.”Kylie, Rec Running
I have been coached by Nick for the last few years. He has a supportive, encouraging and committed approach that works for everyday athletes who enjoy a group milieu. His support is provided equally to tortoises and hares, no matter their personal goals.”Beth, Rec Running