About Run Ready

It takes time to improve movement patterns, develop skills, condition bodies and understand training.

Our passion is creating programs and providing quality coaching that ensures the journey is enjoyable and challenging. Preparation precedes outcomes.

Run Ready began because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access quality coaching and gain maximum enjoyment from their athletic experiences.

Working with athletes and coaches at school, community, state, national, as well as international level, one constant is the importance of a strategic and knowledgeable approach that matches their collective striving for improvement.

We recognise that adult recreational runners and kids just starting their sporting journey, need the same quality of coaching delivery as our development and performance groups, while ensuring that the programs and delivery are specific and appropriate.

Run Ready Team

Nick Bowden
Head Coach

Nick has been coaching and studying sport for more than twenty years and participating for longer.

An Applied Science (Human Movement) graduate and level 4 accredited coach with Athletics Australia, with extensive experience working with runners of all ages and levels, Nick designs and delivers programs for kids, teens and adults that emphasize enjoyment, long-term participation and age-appropriate development. As a performance coach, the aim is to help athletes achieve their potential and fulfill their ambition in sport.

Nick is an accredited coach educator with the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and a regular and passionate facilitator of coaching courses for Athletics Australia, Athletics Victoria and tertiary institutions. Courses emphasise inclusion, enjoyment and participation, and are a great source of inspiration for our programs.

“Our dedication to education –
for athletes, parents and coaches

– is at the heart of everything Run Ready does.”

Jo Bowden
Program Manager & Conditioning Coordinator

Jo has been a competitor, student, coach and observer of sport throughout her life.

With a Human Movement degree and post-graduate studies in Exercise Rehabilitation, as well as coaching qualifications across a number of sports, Jo’s experience has emphasised to her the importance of establishing good motor patterns in both developing and aging athletes and how this foundation, maximises both enjoyment and lifelong activity.

Jo is an accredited coach with Athletics Australia (both in Track & Field, as well as Recreational Running) the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association and Hockey Australia. As a mother of four children, Jo understands the importance, as well as challenges of being active for individual health and well-being, at all ages.

Weekly Timetable

We are currently reworking the Run Ready weekly timetable. Check back soon for the full schedule. 

In the meantime find out more about our different programs below.